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The Food Design of Danling Xiao

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The Food Design of Danling Xiao
Photo mundane matters

With an Instagram and Facebook account baptized 'Mundane Matters', the young designer shares his entertaining creations and camera work with his some 12,000 followers. In a play on words he philosophises whether the 'mundane' really does 'matter'with his creative take on the everyday.

What equipment does he use?

"Nothing! Just a knife and some toothpicks. A lot of the time, because of the angle of the camera, you can’t see the back, so it will be a complete mess. There’ll be toothpicks sticking out everywhere. When I started I was just taking photos on my old iPhone 4 in my bathroom, but now I’ve set up a little light box and I’m doing two a day." he told Work Shop in an interview earlier in the year.

Take a look at some of Danling’s quirky creations and see how his mind works, where a sweet potato doubles up nicely as a pig, an orange as a basketball, an aubergine as a washbasin and more.

Head over to Mundane Matters for more examples.


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