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If Food Was A Font

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If Food Was A Font

Comic Sans - quite possibly the most hated font of any true designer - why? Because it's inevitability the one font suggested by 90% of clients and the one font that's sure to make a finished project look like, well, an 8th grade home work assignment.

For this reason it's mocked, knocked and avoided by most - there are the odd time when someone redesigns a famous brand logo using comic sans but the enjoyment of these posts is short lived. Then there's the times when someone decides to create entire plates of food inspired by Comic Sans or in this case - foods inspire by fonts.

The Lithuanian based studio Prim Prim have decided to create an exhibition asking what foods certain fonts would be. They suggest Times as a traditional font such as a fried egg, while Comic Sans becomes a marshmallow.

The final work includes paper designs of each dish giving them a font based computer style makeover to accompany the texts.

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