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Vegetables of the Day are Served

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Vegetables of the Day are Served

Vegetarians around the world rejoice with this fun collection of paper fruit and vegetables from London based vegetable lover Polly Lindsay.

Specialising in layered paper cut illustrations Polly has got to work on a number of our favourite fruit and vegetables in her blog ‘veg of the day’ spreading vegetable love around the world.

She’s given red peppers and onions, avocado and bananas the meticulous layered look and even thrown in some animated cut out recipes. Garlicky kale looks decidedly tempting as she reminds us, 'there's no excuse not to eat your greens'.

Polly explains why she does it:  “there’s something magical in transforming a flat piece of paper into something tangible. I like to use design as a way to inject a bit of fun into people’s lives!” If you have a favourite fruit or vegetable you can always let her know and see what she crafts.

Let’s give vegetables the love they deserve she urges her followers. Keep your eyes and vegetables peeled for more from Polly Lindsay.


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