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Fruity Displays

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Fruity Displays

Young designers at the Italian research studio Fabrica have collaborated on a food themed project entitled ‘Tutti Frutti' designing 10 limited edition glass stands showcasing fruit.

Each transparent stand is made of glass upon which colourful fruit is hung or sat in all its glory creating an eye catching work of art. Not quite as practical as your traditional fruit bowl but a talking point none the less.

A statement from Fabrica in Dezeen describes the pieces as: "Elaborate three-dimensional compositions – which stand up by themselves or are made to be hung – in a perfect balance between the multi-coloured verve of different fruits and the fragility of glass."

Have a look at some of the displays below. Our four favourites are Daniela Mesina's single skewered apple held in mid air in light hearted reference to William Tell, Catarina Carreiras' SeeSaw with a lemon balancing out a bunch of grapes, Summer Rain by Charlotte Juillard with individual strawberries suspended at the end of bent-glass tubes, and Sin by David Raffoul where a lone apple dangles above a plate of other apples (see main image).

The Tutti Frutti collection is on show as part of the 10/10 exhibition at Paris gallery Moda, coinciding with the biannual trade fair Maison&Objet until 3 October 2015.

Head to Dezeen for more examples of the creative sculptures and details about the exhibition.

Daniela Mesina

Coco by Kirsty Mins

See-saw by Catarina Carreiras

Summer Rain by Charlotte Juillard

Fruit In A Frame by Mariana Fernandes

If you want to get your five of fruit and veg art a day take a look at these colourul creations by Amber Locke.

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