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The Future of Food in Meatballs

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The Future of Food in Meatballs

These might look like delicious hand crafted meatballs but take a closer look and you'll notice they're not quite so tasty. Made up of crispy bugs, waste food, and more, these are meatballs with a message designed to tempt our intellect as well as our taste buds.

In the series entitled Tomorrows Meatball, the team at Space 10 have crafted eight balls designed to resemble the beloved meatball in a 'visual exploration of the future of food.' Alternative food sources and technology like 3D food printing are all laid out as more sustainable ways to feed ourselves without relying on meat.

“We used the meatball's shape and size as a canvas for future foods scenarios, because we wanted to visualise complicated research in a simple, fun and familiar way. There’s hardly any culture that does not cook meatballs - from the Swedish meatball, to Italian/American spaghetti meatballs to spiced up Middle Eastern kofta,” says Kaave Pour from Space10.

The Wonderful Waste Ball draws our attention to 'Up to one third of all food is spoiled or squandered before it is consumed by people according to UN Food and Agricultural Organisation' while the Crispy Bug Ball  highlights the meat alternative of protein rich insects, afterall ''over 1,000 different insect species are eaten in 80% of the world's nations' they explain. 

You could say that Tomorrow's Meatball gets people a little more familiar with the unfamiliar.” - says Bas van de Poel, who was creative in residence at Space10, where he worked closely together with Space10-creative Kaave Pour to create the Tomorrow’s Meatball project.

Take a look at what could be on the menu in twenty years time:

via Space10, Fubiz

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