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A Food Homage to The Shining

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A Food Homage to The Shining

The Shining movie by Stanley Kubrick, starring Jack Nicholson, is a classic flick, so much so there’s even a movie about the fans of the movie - a sure sign of classic status.

The film is full of strong imagery and certain scenes that people will always remember, scenes that are so strong the photographer Davide Luciano and the Food Stylist Claudia Ficca decided to use them as the inspiration for their latest collaboration, a food homage to The Shining.

The memorable maze is recreated using peas, the famous Redrum scene is recreated with spaghetti alphabet pieces and the blood red tomato sauce and in one picture a cherry pie is adorned with freaky pastry sentences.

Perhaps the best is the scary twins scene which is recreated with two cupcakes wearing wonderful pink bows.




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