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Berlin's Textile Butcher

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Berlin's Textile Butcher

Imagine a butcher's shop where sausages double up as neck pillows, pieces of bacon as soothing eye masks and hearts as keyrings.

Seem a little macabre? Fear not, there is no blood and gore at play here, purely the handy stitch work of the seamstresses at Berlin's textile butcher; Aufschnitt (German for cold sliced meats).

The replica butcher's shop serves home made, hand stitched, textile sausages, hearts, pork legs and more stuffed with foam displayed in the cold counter, or hung from meat hooks.

Ironically the store's owner is a vegetarian, toying with the perception of meat. "The product plays with humour, perception, culture, the ‘Zeitgeist’, texture, abstraction, and with fantasy - the imitation disappoints." she tells ignant as she reflects on disappointed customer's having crossed the road thinking they were going to pick up half a pound of pork sausages.

To ensure absolute accuracy in fabric details and dimensions they work in collaboration with the German Butcher’s Association to keep abreast of latest industry developments and ensure they capture absolute likeness to their meaty counterparts, from their mortadella to their Gelbwurst.

A number of the savoury delights are available to purchase from their website. Here are some more examples of their work below:


❤️❤️❤️ @ignant did a wonderful feature on our shop and studio. See their website for an interview and photographs 👌🏼

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FBF #aufschnittberlin at @maisonetobject Paris 😜 Photo by @daphneholthuizen

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SHOP IN BERLIN 32 BOXHAGENER STR 10 245 BERLIN #aufschnittberlin

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