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Beautiful Design Collection of Tactile Eating Tools

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Beautiful Design Collection of Tactile Eating Tools

Sarah-Linda Forrer is a product and material designer based in Amsterdam putting her vision of a 'new eating culture' into a set of tactile design eating tools called 'EVOKE'

The collection includes seven differently sized eating tools suitable for a complete dinner service for those seeking to give a dinner party with a difference.

Designed to break down boundaries between the diner and the food in front of them, Forrer's collection builds on a series of stone spoons she created last year to increase the eater’s awareness of food’s preciousness, entitled Food Fragility.

"I search for new beauty and attractive tactility, triggering the imagination and creating stories for our daily lives," Forrer writes on her website.

Removing the social cues and conventionality of how to eat with cutlery, her stoneware and porcelain crafted collection are somewhere between cutlery and plates, leaving it to the user to find out how to eat in anyway that suits them.

Forrer encourages fans to support her to bring her project to life, as until now she's only just started on three eating tools and will need support to continue. You can donate here.

See some of her beautiful tactile tableware below. You can see more on her website.

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