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Sweet Data Reveals the Colour Anomalies in our Favourite Candy

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Sweet Data Reveals the Colour Anomalies in our Favourite Candy

Ever feel short changed on your favourite coloured candy as a kid?  If you did, you might well have been onto something.

London based art director Tom Le French has put together some revealing Sweet Data in response to the million dollar question - "does our favourite packs of sweets contains an equal repartition of colours?"

Along with photographer Gary Hamill, and Jamie Copeland the creative trio inspected a selection of packs of coloured candies by clumping the sweets together by colour and revealing the anomalies they found in a collection of photographed infographics entitled Sweet Data.

Judging by the results seems we were not wrong all that time, there really is a colour differentiation at work in our sweets. Take a look at some of his work here and find out how your favourite colour fared.

Head here for more of his work and to see the detail behind the colour ratios.

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