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Put Some Sugar Icing On The Wall And Make Street Food Art

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Put Some Sugar Icing On The Wall And Make Street Food Art

Who said icing was just for cakes? Canadian artist Shelley Miller has taken sugar icing out of the bakeshop and into the streets where she creates dramatic wall murals are that are simply astounding.

Using just sugar icing, edible blue paint and a piping bag, Shelley has created several food art masterpieces. Her most famous piece is Cargo, a breathtaking scene of ships in a harbor inspired by the Arabic-influenced tile tradition of Spain and Portugal known as azulejo.

Shelley's intricate murals are inspired by her travels around Europe and India. She creates her captivating scenes on white sugar tiles and affixes them to walls with a piping bag. As extraordinary as her pieces are, the sugar art washes away with time, sometimes the same day it is created if it happens to rain. 

These sugar murals join the ranks of extraordinary food art like these incredible salt sculpures by Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto and Kelly McCollam's spectacular salt and spice paintings.

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