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Amazing Intergalactic Space Cakes

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Amazing Intergalactic Space Cakes

British art director Gem Fletcher and photographer Aaron Tilley, whose imposing photos of forbidden fruit we've picked up on before, have collaborated on a fun project called 'space cakes' for Creative Review.

Featuring a series of edible planets orbiting in space as sweet treats there seems to be a spherical themed sweet with a soft centre in place of the core.

Turns out Pluto is a chocolate bombe, Mars is a trifle with a jelly core, while Saturn is a matcha mousse cake, with a white chocolate core, and ground almond rings and Mercury is a treacle tart, with a brandy snap core and clotted cream and oat crunch crust.

Whilst food in space may appear total fantasy the reality is not so far fetched. NASA are currently growing potatoes in Peru to simulate Martian conditions.

Take a look at the artistic duos tasty textured planets below and see if you can name them. Seems all that's missing is the moon made of Emmenthal.

If you have a sweet tooth, check out the first dessert only restaurant that has opened in London, where sweet treats are served for every course.


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