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Laundry Dinner Puts Sous Vide in a Spin

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Laundry Dinner Puts Sous Vide in a Spin
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Sous vide is a popular technique for producing flawlass results when cooking meat, seafood and even eggs. Think sous vide and succulent steaks, sous vide and perfectly poached eggs ... but sous vide and sock washing, sous vide vegetables and a 40 degree cotton cycle?

That's exactly the thought process behind the design project of Tel Aviv student Iftach Gazit, who has designed food bags that can be added to the laundry cycle to cook dinner at the same time.

While it might sound far fetched, it could be argued the technique is a natural progression of sous vide cooking, which usually involves sealing the chosen ingredients in a plastic bag and cooking at a consistent temperature under water – Gazit's bags are made from water-resistant Tyvek paper with a dry bag seal to keep your smalls separate from your steak. He has even handily printed the nutritional qualities and the spin cycle on them.

While the bags aren't on sale (yet) the project forms part of a wider social commentary of "lost homes and (the American) dreams ... " In fact, the laundry dinner is a reflection on the importance of the laundromat to the homeless, according to Gazit's comments in The Guardian: a "24 hour haven" promising repite from the streets, clean clothes and power, prompting him to think, "why not turn it into a free and easy way of cooking too?"

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