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A Spice and Herb Explosion

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A Spice and Herb Explosion

In a video reminiscent of those Sony adverts where paint was literally shot, exploded and splattered across a soon to be demolished housing estate, the herb and spice brand Schwartz have released their very own, albeit, much spicier version.

In an advert called The Sound of Taste spices and herbs are literally blown sky high as a room filled with a sack of ingredients comes to life.

Peppercorns, cardamon, turmeric, cumin, chili, coriander and ginger are just a few of the ingredients included in the video. It was produced by Grey London who said their challenge was to try and "dramatize flavor".

There are around 140 mini explosions within the one minute video all set to a piece of music composed by MJ Cole. The team behind the project then used the musical notes and timing of the piece to synchronize the explosions within the video.

Here's the ad and below that is a 'making of' video that shows just how much work went into filming the one take ad.

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