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Food and Drink Take on a Pixelated Look

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Food and Drink Take on a Pixelated Look

Believe it or not these images are actually photographs of food crafted in pixelated ceramic in an art series entitled Low Pixel CG

Japanese artist Toshiya Masuda had fun giving food and everyday objects a pixelated makeover. Creating an 'image gap' between reality and perception he produces digital imagery through the tactile material of ceramic.

The 39 year old artist says “People tend to judge things based on one’s experiences or acquired knowledge, as one gets older,” yet “Since people control feelings based on old knowledge and precedent, many things become common sense in one’s mind without realizing.” 

Have a look at pixelated fried eggs, bottles of wine, cans of soft drink, cups of coffee and more below.

You can see more images here.



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