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Stylish Patterns Made From Food And Everyday Objects

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Stylish Patterns Made From Food And Everyday Objects

Swiss sculptor and digital media artist Hervé Graumann has released new creations from his patterns' series, made from food and everyday objects we usually throw away.

Each of the impossibly precise designs is not created through the use of photoshop, but is comprised from everyday objects which have been manufactured through industrial mass production. these components are set in an exact arrangement upon a flat surface.

Graumann arranges such average objects as plastic toy horses, disposable cups, candles, match sticks, or clothespins to compose a hand-constructed sculptural installation of manipulated reality or perception.

Still curious to know how is it possible? The patterns’ series is not created on the computer, but composed of real objects: have a look at the video of the artist making one of his creations.

Via Designboom

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