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Microwhat, Before And After Pics Of Microwaved Food Art

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Microwhat, Before And After Pics Of Microwaved Food Art

Microwhat is a tumblr blog that explores the strangely fascinating concept of food microwaved too long, and takes before and after pictures of stuff tossed into a microwave oven. Food has the main focus - from a 'simple' egg to a lemon, from sour gummy worms to lollipops - but even everyday objects (like soap, toothpaste or a polaroid) are microwaved.

Admit it, we’ve all wondered what would happen if we microwaved something that we know should never ever enter a microwave. Thankfully the curious their range of eye-pleasingly bright images detailing the before and after shots of (un)microwavable objects and food. The results are bright and playful splodges of satisfying color that, if we had not known otherwise, could almost act as convincing works of contemporary art.

On the site is possible to suggest next things to microwave and on the Etsy shop some posters are available.

Lollipops | 207 seconds

Chocolate Candies | 183 seconds

Gummy Worms | 60 seconds

Chocolate Box | 83 seconds

Lemon | 210 seconds

Via Lost At E Minor

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