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Food Magic Eyes - What do You See?

By FDL on

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Food Magic Eyes - What do You See?

Ever look at something at first glance only to realise your first impression was completely wrong? Maybe you recognize a friend's face only to realise it's not them or encounter a dish that looks like one thing on for it to taste completely different - a trick chefs often employ to play with diners emotions.

The great thing about our brains is that everyone is so different and what one person perceives may be completely opposite for another.

Take for example this series of food pictures from the photographer Ilyse Krivel. She has created a range of pictures that on first glance appear to be regular dishes of food,  it's only after further inspection that this view changes.

They baffled the staff at FDL HQ with many people seeing different images within the dishes - we're not sure what Hermann Rorschach - the man who created the ink blot psychology test - would make of it all but it's certainly fun.

What do you see? Clue....The work is titled Food on Mars.



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