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A World Full of Lemons

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A World Full of Lemons
Photo Vitaly Urzhumov / Lemon Tea

Vitaly Urzhumov, a young Russian surrealist painter, confesses to a love of lemons with much of his work concentrating on his favourite citrus fruit. Urzhumov started painting as a child and continued his studies in art and design in Vladivostok, Russia, where he currently lives. 

Urzhumov's work depicts lemons that litter the landscape, hang from trees, offer refreshment to butterflies and lend a cheerful yellow hue to the hills and beyond. Perhaps this seems is how the surreal world would look through lemon tinted glasses.

There are no prizes for guessing that the famous Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali is his preferred artist and inspiration. The main image, lemon tea, sharing a passing resemblance to Dali's The Persistence of Memory (1931) where melting clocks are replaced with limp lemon slices slung onto the branches of the tree. 

Dali was also an avid food lover and even created his own cookbook, Les Diners de Gala, full of fascinating recipes with accompanying lavish illustrations.

Whilst Russia doesn’t grow its own lemons it is one of major importing countries of the citrus fruit. The country has a prolific tea drinking culture where black tea is commonly drunk throughout the day with sugar or honey and lemon slices. Perhaps this was an unconscious inspiration to Urzhumov.

Whatever the inspiration, a world full of lemons looks like a cheerful place to be. Have a look at some of his pieces below.

Fields of Lemons


Lemon Garden and Tea with Cookies

Lemon Butterflies

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