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Mum Dishes up the Most Amazing Food Art

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Mum Dishes up the Most Amazing Food Art
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With over 77K followers on Jacobs_Food_Diaries Instagram account, even if Jacob doesn't appreciate which character is dished up for dinner, his mother has a ready and willing audience out there who do.

Laleh Mohmedi from Australia crafts edible cartoon characters and more out of food which she shares on Instagram as well as keeping a blog detailing the recipe along with the step by step preparation process meaning you can get to have a go too.

It takes about 20-35 minutes depending on the character,’ she said. ‘The night before Jacob tells me what character he wants. ‘When he tells me what character he wants from a book or something he’s seen, I Google the image and see what colours they use.’ she told the Daily Mail.

Judging from some of the food art we've seen before presented on plates, this is right up there, with attention to detail brings characters like UP's Carl Fredricksen and friends to life.

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