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Behold The House Made of Cake

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Behold The House Made of Cake

Ever wondered how Hanzel and Gretel felt inside the gingerbread house?  Well, here's  your chance to find out. Courtesy of Break Bread in New York,  you can now step inside a life size floor to ceiling cake, currently on show at LA's Think Tank Gallery

In an exhibition that literally looks good enough to eat, taking up a massive 7,500 square feet, visitors feast their eyes on six rooms of cake sculptures including everything from a cake maze an ice cream truck, a chandelier made from boiled sweets and more.

Take a look inside:

But be warned, beneath the sugar coated sweetness there's a bitter aftertaste, not only because most of the ingredients used to create the effect are actually inedible, but also because there is a deeper, darker message at work behind the candy, namely "consumerism."

The installation entices viewers with decadent treats that are “quickly followed with impending threat.” One of the creator's Scott Hove writes on his site.

"Beautiful fake fruit, switchblades, Swarovski crystals, stiletto heels, and taxidermy jaws are presented with fluffy, delicious looking fake frosting, piped through a pastry bag using traditional cake decorator’s techniques," he goes on to say.

Take a look inside the house of cake if you dare. You can visit for real until March 13, 2016. Swing by the website for more details.

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