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Take Your (Oversized) Seat At The Gulliver's Dinner

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Take Your (Oversized) Seat At The Gulliver's Dinner

You know that here at Fine Dining Lovers HQ, we love mini food creations and tiny restaurants very much. But we could go crazy also for the opposite: what about these oversized everyday objects turned into a giant dinner?

French artist Lilian Bourgeat is famous for her 'hyperrealist' sculptures much larger than in reality: she made a giant tape measure on which each millimeter equals one centimeter, plastic cups of 40 cm in height that one can drink with (a difficult task if one does not want to spill the contents), push-pins on cork panels 36 cm in diameter, boots 3 meters in height, etc.

These images are taken from 'Le dîner de Gulliver' installation (Gulliver's dinner), a two and a half times enlargement of a table and 6 chairs together with dinner service fills totally the exhibition space. Made in polyester resin, porcelain, glass and inoxidable metal 400 x 200 x 150 cm (table) and variable dimensions good examination on distorted your visual perception and the ways we become familiar with space and porportion.

Via Juxtapoz

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