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The Future of Food Through a Satirical Lens

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The Future of Food Through a Satirical Lens
Photo William Godwin and Eric Gilkey

We've picked up on what the future of food might look like with past projects, including future meatballs and bistro in vitro, and it's this food for thought that caught our eye once again in this new striking series.

William Godwin and Eric Gilkey have captured Future Food in a set of unusual images which first appeared in the Human Being Journal.

Combining digital photography with the concept of Genetically Modified Food the series takes a satirical look at the future of our food through an artistic lens.

Ordered images set on monochrome backgrounds trick both the eye and the stomach into thinking that these are recognisable foods, but not quite as we know them. 

Take a look at the pictures below and decide how appetising you think the future of food looks. 

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