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In Flight Food Takes on New Meaning

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In Flight Food Takes on New Meaning

Last month we bought you playing with food from Lazy mom. This week we bring you flying food, in what has become a beautiful art form thanks to the skills of London based photographer Piotr Gregorczyk

The series of stunning shots capture food which appears to have quite literally taken flight from it's respective bowl or pot.  Inspired by a magazine shoot featuring healthy foods, Gregorczyk created his own 'Flying Food' series where even sausages have wings. 

Studies have shown the presentation of food can affect taste with carefully or artistically plated food tasting better. We think this food looks just as tasty in what is essentially carefully orchestrated chaos. Gregorczyk admits to feature shoot that 'more than a couple of food spills and liquid splatters' were involved in the making of the series. Probably an understatement.

Results appear to have been captured in realtime. In reality about 60% of the shot is true to life leaving the remaining 40% to be digitally re-mastered, although the technical details are still under wraps.

Have a look at this stunning selection below, and head to feature shoot for the full set.


Sandwich Tornado

One pot sausages

Blinis in space


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