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Food is a Source of Energy in These Eye Catching Photos

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Food is a Source of Energy in These Eye Catching Photos
Photo Lemon Lightbulbs

Food designer Anna Keville Joyce, and photographer Lucas Zarebinski have collaborated on a conceptual food photography series based on sources of energy.

Originally from the USA and currently based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and New York City, Anna, and Polish born New York based Lucas are 'pushing the boundaries of still life photography.' 

Their intriguing shots show a characteristic flair for food styling in simple yet effective images set on a single background.

A cluster of bright yellow lemons hang like lightbulbs from electric wires, whilst carefully placed seeds shoot out as if rays of light, giving the sense of light hearted animation.

'Power Strip Garden' comes with green plant shoots sprouting out of electrical cables and 'electrical egg outlet' features the yolk and white of an egg crammed into the socket, and finally extension cord spaghetti features a tasty looking nest of spaghetti and tomato sauce nestled inside an electric cable.

The viewer is left to question if there is a subliminal message behind the images. Take a look and feel the energy surge.

Electrical Egg Outlet

Extension Cord Spaghetti


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