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Food Fantasist Diego Cusano Has Other Ideas for Everyday Food

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Food Fantasist Diego Cusano Has Other Ideas for Everyday Food
Photo Diego Cusano

Instagram is an endless source of colourful high definition shots of smoothie bowls, picture perfect dinners and enticing avocado toast but occasionally we are lucky enough to stumble across some more imaginative works of food art, such as those of Italian Instagrammer, Diego Cusano.

As well as being an artist, musician and graphic artist Diego is also a self-proclaimed fantasy researcher, hailing from Perugia, Italy.

Drawing solely in black on a light coloured background his sketches take on a fun and surreal element thanks to the addition of any number or types of food from spaghetti and salami to cookies and ice cream incorporated into the picture.

Food imbues the pictures with colour which blend seamlessly into his witty black and white creations where pears double up as hot air balloons, scotch eggs as eyes, a burger and a burger as a bull dog's snout.

“I started watching things from a different point of view, and from this new approach I started creating the illustrations that, since then, I’m publishing each day on the social networks: objects change their native function, through the graphic, to a new, different, unpredictable function”. Diego explains on his website.

You can follow Diego’s adventures on Instagram, @diegocusano, and have a look at some of his pieces here. I always try to “re-invent” myself. He adds,  I would like to give smiles, when people look at my works. These drawings certainly put a smile on our faces, we hope you enjoy them too.

If you like to see food in a different light take a look at the daily lives of food cartoon sketches where you might find your potato has bigger ideas than going in the frying pan. Potatoes have lives too.

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