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See How Famous Artists Used to Dine

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See How Famous Artists Used to Dine
Photo Dan Bannino

Dan Bannino, an Italian-born and raised photographer, has created an elaborate series of snapshots detailing scenes from some of the great master's personal lives.

The Eye of the Artist: Unknown Stories was created by Bannino following a 3 month trip through 22 cities in the footsteps of ten artists, his intention being “To tell their surprising, funny and unthinkable tales through ten new shots seen from the artists’ point of view, allowing us to witness with their own eyes as if we could record that particular moment with one single snap.”

No stranger to the spotlight himself, Dan has gained international recognition for his work having been published in a variety of magazines including The Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Elle, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

We’ve picked out the key foodie themes running through his insightful Unknown Stories starting with an evening in the company of Henry De Toulouse-Lautrec (main photo). In amongst the lavishly loaded table you will notice strategically placed goldfish swimming in the water jugs. All part of Henry's cunning plan to ensure his guests were unable to drink water living by the old classic, eat, drink and be merry. We follow on with three other greats, Picasso, Dali and El Greco.


El 4 Gats' restaurant in Barcelona was a favourite haunt of Picasso as well as other Bohemians and artists. The restaurant is still open today with the same menu Picasso designed according to Bannino. 


The mess below is the result of  a flamboyant evening's dining by Dali at his usual haunt, Duran's restaurant, where he turned his intentionally smashed bowl of soup results in a work of art as he signs the broken shards of ceramic for other diners.

El Greco

El Greco was one of the most lavish diners as the re-created image below shows, where seafood, fresh fruit and wine litter the table. Described as "confident, rebellious and extravagant" El Greco even hired musicians to play as he ate according to Bannino.

If the food of famous people fascinates you have a look at some of the fine food James Bond had a penchant for.

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