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Making the Mundane into Unimaginable Edible Looking Treats

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Making the Mundane into Unimaginable Edible Looking Treats

Photographer Benjamin Henon and stylist Valentine Mazel have created a series of simple yet stylistic images of domestic or everyday objects in unexpected edible ways.

Everyday mundane objects like sponges, sand, soap and shoe strings have been turned into attractive looking dishes giving the illusion of delicious dishes.

Sponges double up as layered patisserie or slices of toast thanks to their similar texture. Shoe laces messily dumped in the middle of a plate resemble tagliatelle and a pool ball in the middle of white paint on a plate doubles up surprisingly well as an egg. Soap sits in a mouse trap looking like a particularly tempting piece of cheese and hot dog balloons look equally tasty.

Thanks to the careful positioning and treatment of each of these everyday objects the eye is easily tricked into seeing them as food first and their everyday function second.

Have a look and see how easily it is to slip into seeing the edible in the everyday in the pair's stylish set of photos below.

via Fubiz

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