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Daikon Radishes Double up as Dinky Animal Sculptures

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 Daikon Radishes Double up as Dinky Animal Sculptures

We've seen a spread of crazy food art coming out of Japan in recent years, from fun bento box food art and remarkably intricate miniature food to captivating animal lollipops.

Next up, from the land of the rising sun, we've come across some incredible pandas, cats and other animals, all fashioned out of daikon radish and appearing in the equivalent of a Japanese hot-pot.

Each animal has been carefully crafted by Tokyo based Masanori Kono who immerses each into the Japanese dish called nabe forming something of a comical backdrop.

Daikon is a vegetable root usually served sliced or grated, it's prized for its diuretic properties that aid digestion. In this case, the way in which Kimminaro harnesses the versatility of the crisp flesh of the superfood is just as effective on the eye.

Take a look at some of his fun creations below:

If you are inspired to have a go yourself you can always dip into his book “Grated Daikon Art,” on Amazon and learn how to make up to 42 different daikon sculptures to go along with the daikon recipes! 

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