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Pancake Art: 7 Awesome Designs out of Batter

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Pancake Art: 7 Awesome Designs out of Batter
Photo Tiger Tomato

In celebration of the pancake day we have collated some top pancake art captured on video to inspire you into new and wonderful ways with your batter this year.

Flip your traditional pancake making on its head and try turning your batter into miniature works of art.

Impress your kids with Star Wars Storm Troopers or that special person with a pancake heart. The choice is yours. And remember practice makes perfect!

All you'll need to get started is a pancake batter, a hot pan and a squeezy bottle, and a drop of artistic talent. Take a look at our top line up:

1) The Beatles by Nathan Shields 

Nathan Shields is a professional dad turned pancake artist who started out by making pancakes to entertain his kids. Seems he found a whole other willing audience out there. Find out how to re-create the Fab Four below and check out Shields' site,, for his full portfolio.

2) Civil Engineering by Jim's Pancakes

Jim's Pancakes adds a third dimension to his pancake creations making them stand out or even up! Made purely from batter he creates each element of the struture individually before attaching them with more batter and cooking.  

3) Rainbow Ice Cream by Tiger Tomato

This father and son team have taken pancake art to new heights. Check out their YouTube channel with over 500,000 subscribers for more creative designs. Check out the hugely popular rainbow ice cream pancake below.

4) Animal Pancakes by Jaunty Jane

Jaunty Jane teaches us how to make our favourite pets out of batter. Rabbits, kittens and puppies all get the a pancake makeover.

5) Vintage Roses - Jaunty Jane

Want to say it with flowers. Try re-creating these edible roses. 

6) Lacey Pancakes by Miss Recipe

Miss Recipe shows off three lace-style pancakes making us reminisce about the doyle. Except these are much better, being edible and all.

7) Star Wars Storm Troopers by RandomBreakfasts

Randombreakfasts are breaking the mould when it comes to pancake artt keeping on trend with Star Wars characters. Check out thier amazing leopard too.

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