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Giorgio Cravero's Winning 'Colors Series'

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Giorgio Cravero's Winning 'Colors Series'

Giorgio Cravero is an Italian born photographer living and working in Turin, northern Italy, responsible for this eye catching collection entitled 'Colors Series.'

The still lives took first place in the Hasselblad 2016 photography competition and are a testament to the artist's training and expertise in visual communications combining various technologies.

Using simple images of fruit and vegetables set on grey backgrounds the surreal black and white fruit and vegetables appear to be drained of colour or like they've literally been dipped in the chosen paint pot. Either way they're pretty spectacular.

Take a look and imagine for a moment what a world would look like with colourless fruit and veg, with an orange that wasn't orange, or a red cabbage that was devoid of pigment. There'd be no fun in that.

Swing by Cravero's website from some more of his stylistic work and more of his food and drink images.

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