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New Drip Printer Creates Portraits Using 53 Shades of Coffee

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New Drip Printer Creates Portraits Using 53 Shades of Coffee

Assistant professor Ted Kinsman of Rochester Institute of Technology has given new meaning to drip coffee with a printer that produces portraits using fine drops of coffee in 53 tones.

Using a technique called 'pointillism' the coffee drip printer takes up to an hour to print a series of small dots that create an entire image.

The machine allows experimentation with drip height, drip size, drip chemistry, spacing of drips, and especially the paper that the drips fall on – all of these affect the image results,” Kinsman told PetaPixel.

Asked about why he chose to use the favourite brew his reply was simple, “Since I always have left over coffee, I thought it would be a fun medium to play with,” he said. “Just about everyone can relate to coffee and this medium is often used to get people interested in what the machine can do.”

And it looks like he was right judging from the attention it has received.

Watch the video to find out more about how the printer works and along with some of the caffeine fuelled images below.


Here are some examples of the java fuelled work:

All images courtesy of Ted Kinsman


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