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Chocolate Mill, When Sweetness Is Like A Flip Book | Video

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Chocolate Mill, When Sweetness Is Like A Flip Book | Video

For the Vitra Design Museum's Confrontations: Contemporary Dutch Design exhibition, Dutch designer Wieki Somers partnered with Freiburg based chocolatier Rafael Mutter, creating a new way to experience chocolate.

Chocolate was subjected to 3-D printing, laser cutting, spraying and much more until the duo, inspired by Marcel Duchamp's chocolate grinder, ultimately came up with the idea of scraping the top of a piece of chocolate by adapting a machine used mainly in Switzerland as a cheese slicer. Together with the chocolatiers from Confiserie Rafael Mutter, Studio Wieki Somers produced large cylindrical blocks of chocolate weighing 100 kilos. Shaving off delicate rosettes from the top with a crank-turned blade reveals various patterns that are integrated into the blocks using different types of chocolate.

By turning the mill, the audience become witness to a kaleidoscopic effect in which an african bobo masks emerge, which cocoa-bean pickers believe have a special power to bring a good harvest.


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