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Charles Roux's Fictitious Feasts

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Charles Roux's Fictitious Feasts
Photo ©Charles Roux

"Please Sir, I want some more?!" No one can forget the immortalised words of a young Oliver Twist when he asked for another serving of gruel at the workhouse in Charles Dickens' celebrated novel. 

And now thanks to Charles Roux we have yet more reasons to remember some more iconic dishes and moments in some of literature's greatest works captured in his creative series of photos forming: 'fictitious feats'.

Trained in both photography and literature, it was perhaps a natural vocation: "the practice of visual arts is widely influenced by literature, painting and cinema; and, starting from various inspirations and sensations" he explains.

"The motif of food is particularly interesting in so far as it deeply reveals everyday life and its rituals, or it is a landmark in in the storytelling. Giving life to the story, food can also define a character or convey another theme" he goes on to say.

Take a look at a few of the famous food scenes below and be whisked into a literary wonderland of your favourite characters and novels. Head to Roux's site for even more defining meals in literature.

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©Main picture: "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" (Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm) 

"Alice's adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-glass" (Lewis Carroll)

©Charles Roux

"Oliver Twist" (Charles Dickens)

©Charles Roux

"Les Misérables" (Victor Hugo)

©Charles Roux

"Jane Eyre" (Charlotte Brontë)

©Charles Roux


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