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The Airplane Made From 6,500 Egg Cartons

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The Airplane Made From 6,500 Egg Cartons

This British single-seat fighter aircraft, known as the Spitfire, was made from 6,500 egg cartons. It's the lovely work of Jack Munro and Charlotte Austen, sculptors based in the London Borough of Hackney. 

The project was part of the Eggs for Soldiers campaign, which donates 15 pence to the Britist Armed Forces when you purchase a carton of six free-range eggs.

The artists built a metal frame which they decorated with the egg cartons to build an exact replica of the World War II relic. The aircraft is 12 meters (about 40 feet) long and 13 meters (about 42 feet) wide. It is being displayed at the Imperial War Museum.

Via Design Boom

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