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PES’s Classic Game Over Gets Reboot

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PES’s Classic Game Over Gets Reboot
Photo PES/Youtube

PES, the animator behind stop–motion food animations such as the Oscar-nominated Fresh Guacamole and Submarine Sandwich, has just re-posted his classic short Game Over on his YouTube channel, remastered and in full glorious HD.

Pizza Pac-Man

The food animation, which was originally released eight years ago, depicts death sequences in five classic video games using food and other assorted everyday objects. So you have a muffin–heavy Space Invaders and a pizza Pac-Man, for example. This is possibly the most fun you can have in 90 seconds, we think.

200 Million Views

When Fresh Guacamole made the Oscars shortlist in 2013, it was the shortest film ever to have been nominated, at 1:40. New Jersey–raised PES, aka Adam Pesapane, has also been nominated for an Emmy for his commercial work and his films have over 200 million views on YouTube.

Watch the wonderful Game Over in sparkling HD below and marvel at PES's animation of food.

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