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The TV Chicken Channel

By FDL on

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The TV Chicken Channel

The chicken channel on TV in Canada allows viewers to watch succulent, whole and speared chicken, spin on a rotisserie 24 hours a day.

The cable channel is the brainchild of Swiss Chalet and some videos even feature promotional codes allowing mesmerized chicken lovers to dial for reduced discount chicken after getting too hungry watching it spin - round and round and round, ...and....dial for chicken!

Watching a chicken spin, constantly, makes for strange viewing but it would be interesting to see how many sales the channel has generated and if this type of hyped up marketing actually works.

It's all a bit strange but no different to the bacon cam we brought you from Dennys in America - a fast food chain which prides itself on loving bacon. That's at least two channels we've seen that show the constant cooking of a certain food - let's hope single channels dedicated to endless loops of food, food that will never actually cook, don't start to take over TV.

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