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Watch: How to Create Flying Food Photos

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Watch: How to Create Flying Food Photos
Photo screengrab_We Eat Together

We've already seen augmented gastronomy and Francesco Mattucci's Floating Food, next up it's the turn of Skyler Burt, a blogger from We Eat Together, who's impressed us with the image of his levitating sandwich.

In fact, the artist has gone one step further by demonstrating how to create his captivating  flying food photo guaranteed to impress your friends in his simple video, below:

As you can see, making levitating sandwiches doesn't require much magic, but a lot of wire and patience. 

If you want to take up the photographer's challenge, it goes without saying you'll need a camera, but also wire, two slices of bread and some tempting sandwich fillings and ... Photoshop!

Each sandwich layer is actually carefully balanced on wires that can be erased in post-production, making the impossible, possible.

If you take the challenge, send us your photos!

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