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This Knife is Made Using Fast Food

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This Knife is Made Using Fast Food
Photo Screengrab/YouTube

Have you always dreamt of a knife with a rasher of streaky bacon encased in the handle? No, well stick with us, because that isn’t the only foodstuff used to make this knife from Green Beetle.

The fast food or ‘Murica knife from the Oklahoma outdoors store is carburised using antacids and also contains a French fry in the handle alongside the bacon. It is also, quite unnecessarily, quenched in beer.

Okay, so you could argue using any foodstuffs here is unnecessary, but Green Beetle love to make knives in unusual ways and document it all over on their YouTube channel – watch two more of their videos further down.

We have no idea about the quality of the knife, but at the very least, this is a fun insight into the process of knife making.

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