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7 Famous Movie Kitchens

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7 Famous Movie Kitchens

We've already seen the inside of Don and Betty Draper's kitchen from Mad Men and Monica's kitchen from Friends in our famous TV series kitchens, but how about iconic kitchens from the big screen?

Seeing as February is film month, with the curtain coming up on both the Oscars and Berlinale film festival, we naturally got to thinking about our favourite movies, and er .... kitchens here at FDL headquarters. Afterall, even on-screen stars have to eat, right.

Ever wondered about the escapism offered by Amelie's petite cuisine in Paris or the futuristic spin on Luke Skywalker's spacey Star Wars kitchen or how many ovens Charlotte in Sex in the City has to pump out all those cupcakes?

Then wonder no more! HomeAdvisor have already done the hard work, re-imagining the floor plans of seven famous kitchens from film stills in the mock ups below. Take a look and let us know which one's your favourite?

Famous Film Kitchen #1: Amélie Poulain’s kitchen (Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain)


Famous Film Kitchen #2: Holly Golightly’s kitchen (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) 


Famous Film Kitchen #3: Charlotte York’s kitchen (Sex and the City 2)

True to form Charlotte's kitchen is picture perfect, functional and spacious.


Famous Film Kitchen #4: The Dunnes’ kitchen (Gone Girl)



Famous Film Kitchen #5: The Owens’ family kitchen (Practical Magic)


Famous Film Kitchen #6: Erica Barry’s kitchen (Something’s Gotta Give)


Famous Film Kitchen #7: Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s kitchen (Star Wars – A New Hope)


All images courtesy of HomeAdvisor

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