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Famous Last Suppers Brilliantly Captured in Film

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Famous Last Suppers Brilliantly Captured in Film
Photo Screen capture via Vimeo

The final meal eaten by a famous person is something that has fascinated film director Gus Filgate for some time. His curiosity finally got the best of him and he plunged into making a series of short films depicting what he imaged to be famous last suppers.

So far, he has filmed the famous last suppers of the great Roman emperor Julius Caesar (mussels, shrimp and mutton), French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (steak and eggs) and legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix (tuna sandwich). Each video is completely captivating thanks to great editing, creative shots and a cool soundtrack.

Filgate, director at the UK-based Little Fish Films,  is so dedicated to his vision he and his team even designed special devices - like a "lamb cage" and "bean top flipper" - that helped him capture special effects in each video.

Below you'll find the three famous last suppers that have been released thus far. Swing by Filgate's website for updates on his latest work and cool behind-the-scenes details of each video.




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