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This Artist Re-Creates Famous Faces Out of Food

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This Artist Re-Creates Famous Faces Out of Food

While the superstitious amongst us might see spilled salt as an omen best remedied by throwing a pinch over our shoulder, American artist, Rob Ferrell has other ideas.  

Ferrell, otherwise known as Rob The Original, has managed to turn spilled salt into an art form by creating portraits of famous people out of the white grains using nothing more than a table top as his canvas.

One of the most talented food artists of his generation, Ferrel is a young American that has become widely known thanks to his portraits of well known celebrities, made mainly out of salt, although he has been known to diversify into other condiments like ketchup.

Take a look at his Instagram account and see how he turns a mountain of table salt into Salvador Dali using nothing more than a scrap of paper to move the grains into artistic order. Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Bob Marley, John Lennon are just a few of the faces that have been given similar salty treatment.

In fact there's not much Rob doesn't see art in, everything from pizza to dirty rear car windows can serve as a canvas for his realistic work.

Have a look at some of his famous faces below.

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