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Love Sushi? Now You Can Bathe With It

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Love Sushi? Now You Can Bathe With It
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Behold the all mighty sushi soap kit. Geared at sushi fanatics, this enchanting set of soaps blends fake food and art with a touch of umami.

These yummy soaps are crafted by Aubrey Elizabeth, a self-professed ''sushi addict'' based in Connecticut. Although they look like the real thing, the soaps smell of ginger with notes of lemon and lime. Elizabeth describes her fake food sushi project as a natural progression of her passion for the Japanese staple.

''Since I'm a sushi addict. One mention of a spicy tuna roll, and I'm sent into a crazy craving that doesn't stop until I hit my favorite sushi place. Every time I craft one of these sushi soap sets, I have to go out for dinner,'' she states on her Etsy page.

The soaps come in shrimp, maki, roe and tuna and are delivered in a real sushi take out box. Interested? Head on over to Elizabeth's shop on Etsy.

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