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Creative Kristina Lechner Asks: When is Food Not Food?

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Creative Kristina Lechner Asks: When is Food Not Food?
Photo Kristina Lechner

Kristina Lechner is a self professed non-cook that manages to express her love of good food in a way that doesn't result in culinary disaster. Instead she's stepped away from the stove and into the studio where she's channeled her creative flair into crafting and photographing "fake food" that she shares on Instagram.

The professional graphic designer working in Kalamazoo, Michigan has turned her hand to a succesful series entitled "Food Not Food" - a photography series of fake food made completely from ordinary household items, no culinary expertise required.

"I started "Food Not Food" because I needed a creative outlet and wanted to do something completely out of the box. I love food but I can't cook to save my life, and fake food doesn't burn (normally)." Lechner admits.

By using everyday items she turns them into something more interesting, and edible looking ... shoelaces becomes fettuccine, a bath sponge becomes beer, matches become greasy french fries ...

"I see food everywhere now - it's either the best or the worst diet plan ever." And we're beginning to see her point. Check out some of her work below and swing by her Instagram site for more.

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