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The Man Who Sculpts Eggs

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The Man Who Sculpts Eggs

After being injured in a car accident years ago Alan W. Rabon was unable to work - after working as a master decorative artist and having a 20-year career he was forced to change direction and start a new job as a jeweler. Then after a stroke of luck one day he found himself sat at his desk, jewel tools at his side, with a bag of shells in front of him.

What happened next led to some of the most beautiful food designs we've ever seen. Using his jewel cutting tools Alan began to carve patterns in the shells and soon after began to perform the same technique on eggs. Now, using conventional dental tools, Alan carves a variety of egg shell art pieces. From Ostrich to Emu, he sculpts intricate patterns within the oval shapes.

The work takes a steady hand and a lot of patience, as Alan explains in the video, they often break because of how delicate they are. With some commissions for egg sculptures fetching thousands of Dollars he's certainly managed to carve himself a solid career - all with the help of the humble egg.



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