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Egg and vinegar experiment: how to obtain a "naked egg"

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Egg and vinegar experiment: how to obtain a "naked egg"

Try this egg and vinegar experiment to discover a new and unusual egg personality. If there was ever a culinary chamelion, eggs would be it. Eggs take on a whole new personality depending on how they are treated. Fried, baked, poached, scrambled, sunny side up...variations abound. But have you ever tried dipping a whole uncooked egg into a cup of vinegar?

In a science experiment reminiscent of a 6th grade science fair (sans the errupting volcano), bloggers at Funsterz wanted to find out what happens to an egg when you soak it in vinegar. The results? After two days in vinegar, the egg shell completely dissolves, revealing a kind of jellied and naked egg.

However, if you try the experiment with a boiled egg what emerges is a kind of rubber egg, which is larger than the original egg in the shell. This egg and vinegar experiment is really amazing and with impressive results. But eating the final result is forbidden!

We hope you enjoy this fun egg and vinegar experiment from our Best of the Blog series...

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