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How to Make Edible Shot Glasses: 6 Sweet and Savoury Ideas

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How to Make Edible Shot Glasses: 6 Sweet and Savoury Ideas

Nothing says party time has arrived quite like getting the shot glasses out. But, it doesn't all have to be college style fun, especially with these edible shot glass ideas.

Go crazy with candy, cheese and chocolate and get to work melting, baking and sculpting these dinky shot glasses instead. They're sure to create a buzz, whatever the occasion.

Below are six simple videos highlighting how easy it is to make edible shot glasses, that'll take you from sweet to savoury and party time to cheese and wine time! Take a look and pick a flavour to match your favourite drink.

Edible Shot Glasses

Peppermint Shot Glasses

To start with a really easy one - simply fill a silicone mould with candies and place in oven until melted into their new shot shape.


How to Make Candy Shot Glasses

Jolly Ranchers melt down in the oven to make these surprisingly elegant and colourful shot glasses.


Vodka Jello Cups

All you need is some jello mix, some plastic cups and duck tape to make these fun jiggly gello cups filled with vodka.


Chocolate Chef Glasses

Try serving creamy liqueurs in a chocolate cup, giving your guests a sweet treat with a twist.


Milk and Cookie Shot Glasses

Have your milk and cookies at the same time with these chocolate chip cookie shot glasses. 


Cheese Shot Glasses

Wine and cheese takes on a whole new meaning with these cheesey shot glasses!


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