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Edible Deodorants: A Treat For The Senses

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Edible Deodorants: A Treat For The Senses
Photo Carly Lesser/Flickr

Why use deodorant when you can smell like roses by eating candy? If you think it sounds too good to be true, think again.

That's the promise made by Deo Perfume Candy - a line of edible deodorants now available in the United States and coming soon to the United Kingdom. Just pop a scented candy in your mouth and within minutes, the enticing aroma of flowers will literally be coming out of your pores and linger for up to six hours.

Sounds enticing but are these candies safe? It turns out the candies are scented by geraniol, a natural substance found in various essential oils, including those made of roses, citronella and lemon. Geraniol functions like garlic, they both contain chemicals that can't be digested and are execreted through the skin's pores. 

Deo Perfume candies are the product of a collaboration between American company Beneo and Bulgarian candy makers Alpi. The makers relied on Japanese researchers to capture the aroma of roses into an edible treat. The candies can be purchased online.

If smelling like roses isn't really your thing, you can always opt for sushi cologne instead.

Via The Guardian

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