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Fermented Fashion | A Dress Made From Wine

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Fermented Fashion | A Dress Made From Wine
Photo Gizmodo

Until now, edible couture has been the latest trend in fashion, with vegetables popping up on New York runways and Lady Gaga stepping out in meat dresses. But why dress in salad or meat when you can wear wine? 

The wine dress pictured above is a wine lovers dream come true. The fabric was entirely made from the bacteria present in the fermentation process of wine. This technique was developed by researchers from the University of Western Australia, who discovered a way of making fabric from acetobacter, the bacteria that turns wine into vinegar.

Called Micro'be, the fermented fabric is completely seamless and fits smoothly against the skin. While still in the development stages, the fermented dress has the aroma of wine. Given the success of the wine dress, researchers are experimenting with other fermented beverages. Who knows? Maybe a beer dress is next. Now that calls for a toast. Bottoms up!

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