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At Last! Edible Cling Film (Made from Milk)

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At Last! Edible Cling Film (Made from Milk)
Photo Andrew Magill/Flickr

Clingfilm (or Saran/plastic wrap) can be a frustrating product to use, as it somehow wraps itself into an unusable mess and of course it’s bad for the environment, so edible clingfilm? Yes please.

Scientists at the US Department of Agriculture have developed an edible cling film from milk proteins (casein), the Mirror reports, and it could be on the shelves within three years, saving tonnes of non-biodegradable waste (hey it doesn’t weigh much, but we use a lot of it).

Less porous

What’s more, the edible cling film is reportedly 500 times less porous to oxygen than the traditional product, meaning your food stays fresher for longer, also giving it a strong advantage over edible packaging currently on the market. Great, right?

It's a wrap

Now you can fantasise about getting your revenge on that nasty of old roll of cling film once and for all. Or perhaps your lunchtime sandwiches didn’t quite fill you up and you need something sweet to top it off – it’s been suggested nutritional additives and flavourings could be added to the edible cling film too.

So soon, when people say they're having a wrap for lunch, they could mean something else entirely.

How about some edible tableware from Belgium?

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