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Edible Cheese Architecture from Ich and Kar

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Edible Cheese Architecture from Ich and Kar

Cheese lovers, take a step back and admire the carefully sculpted edible cheese architecture from design duo: Ich & Kar.

Inspired by art styles across the genres, from Arte Povera to Rococo, the duo have payed homage to various iconic art eras by reflecting them in meticulously stacked columns of popular french cheeses.

"We researched the artistic movements that could lend it to this game with the characteristic cheese, and vice versa. Then we worked with Marie Quatrehomme cheese in Paris, to choose cheese that best fit with the different concepts," they reflect on their website.

Cheese is traditionally enjoyed prior to dessert around French dining tables, with colourful trays filled with any number of cheeses, including Camembert, Comté, Pont l'Eveque and Brie.

Capturing this national ritual, graphic artists Ich & Kar and photographer Jean-Jacques Pallot have created the series you see below, with more over at their website – enough to make us forget about dessert altogether.

Step Inside the French Cheese Board in Manhattan





All images courtesy of Ich & Kar

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